​​Disclaimer: lots of the following documents were written for my own benefit when I was giving talks and have not been proofread very carefully - so may contain mistakes!

Invited Seminars/Workshops

  • Number theory days (Regensburg, Apr 2020)

  • Lille Number theory seminar (Mar 2020)

  • Nottingham number theory and geometry seminar (Feb 2020)

  • Warwick number theory seminar (Nov 2019)

  • Automorphic p-adic L-functions and regulators workshop (Lille, Oct 2019; joint lecture series)

  • p-adic Galois representations workshop (Sheffield, July 2019)

  • Barcelona number theory seminar (Apr 2019)

  • Oxford number theory seminar (Feb 2019)

  • Lille number theory seminar (Oct 2018)

  • P-adic L-functions and p-adic families workshop (Cardedeu, Apr 2018)

  • Sheffield number theory seminar (Feb 2018)

  • Heidelberg number theory seminar (Jan 2018)

  • London number theory seminar (Nov 2017)

  • Warwick number theory seminar (May 2017)

  • Barcelona number theory seminar (May 2017)

  • Automorphic forms: theory and computation (King's College London, Sept 2016)

  • Bianchi modularity (Luxembourg, July 2016 - unable to attend through illness)

  • Warwick number theory seminar (June 2016)

  • P-adic L-functions workshop (Cambridge, June 2016)

  • Bristol Heilbronn seminar (Nov 2015)

  • Sheffield number theory seminar (Oct 2014)

  • London number theory seminar (Jan 2014)

Study Group Talks

Other Seminars

  • Overconvergent cohomology and eigenvarieties (London junior number theory seminar, May 2019)

  • Modular symbols and why we should care about them (London junior number theory seminar, Feb 2017)

  • L-functions (Warwick postgrad seminar, May 2016)

  • P-adic L-functions for Bianchi modular forms (Warwick postgrad seminar, Jan 2014)

  • Tate curves (Warwick postgrad seminar, May 2013)

  • Uniformisation of elliptic curves (Warwick postgrad seminar, Jan 2013)

  • P-adic uniformisation of elliptic curves (Cambridge Part III seminar, March 2012)

Mathematics Institute, Zeeman Building, University of Warwick, CV4 7AL

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